So, you're in college, and you have to finally come up with an answer to "what do you want to do?" and now you're furiously searching for answers. I was just like you - I gave suitable answers that wouldn't lead to further questions until I asked myself the question, and then I realized I needed real answers. I completed seven internships in college in companies that were large and small, well-established or start-ups, which gave me the opportunity to really look into the business world and see how different it is across the board. When I was starting out as an intern, I scoured the internet looking for any sort of resources that would prepare me for my journey. I found many resources that helped get me to the door- but none that helped me understand what life was like when you walked through the door. This website is for that, specifically! Here, I'll detail my ways of navigating internships in college in many different settings to how I prepared to graduate and what I've got coming after college. I've written a book, An Intern's Guide to the Career World, available here for you to get firsthand tips and tricks about how to navigate the internship world and use it as the foundation for what comes next - the career world! I hope that you'll find everything you need to start your career successfully here, from interning to beyond.

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